Nutrisafe organises workshop about the Valorization of invasive seaweed biomass

In the scope of the Nutrisafe project, the Workshop "Valorization of invasive seaweed biomass to develop new products relevant for the blue bioeconomy" will take place on the 14th of July, between 9am and 7pm, at the green amphitheatre, building 8, Gambelas Campus.

In this event, which will be attended by NutriSafe's scientific team and invited experts, knowledge and experiences on different aspects of the valorisation of seaweed biomass for the blue economy will be shared. The impacts of seaweed blooms; aspects related to biotechnological exploitation and potential valorisation of seaweed biomass for the industry; sustainable methods of extraction of bioactives; current strategies for encapsulation of bioactives; and the pre-clinical validation pipeline to produce new food supplements will also be analysed.

Since one of the objectives of the NutriSafe project is to produce a new vitamin K food supplement from marine sources, this workshop will also present the results of an epidemiological study on vitamin K intake and adherence to the Mediterranean diet in the Portuguese population.

This event is aimed to teachers, students, researchers, professionals from public and private organisations, health professionals and institutions dedicated to nature and the environment, stakeholders in the fields of pharmacy, dietetics, aquaculture, marine biotechnology, among others.

The workshop, which will take place in a hybrid format, is free of charge, but requires registration, which should be made until 9 July here

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