Blue Route Project - UAlg has open enrolment for online short courses

Within the scope of the Blue Route 2030 Project (EEA Grant PT-INNOVATION-0072 Call 5: Education Blue growth), UAlg offers open online short courses taught in English for groups of masters and doctors on the Moodle platform (log in as a guest). Those interested should register by 4 August.

Courses available, in the Blue Growth area:

  • BLUE ROUTE 1 - Entrepeneurship 
  • BLUE ROUTE 2 - Blue Economy
  • BLUE ROUTE 3 - Sustainable Fisheries I, II, III
  • BLUE ROUTE 4 - Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture 
  • BLUE ROUTE 5 - GIS applications in Marine Science: Introduction
  • BLUE ROUTE 6 - Exploring Online Ocean Data and Resources
  • BLUE ROUTE 7 - Science Communication 

SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) allow the workload to be performed in flexible mode and in different "Time Zones" with an estimated duration of 52-78 Hours each.

The registration is mandatory and can be done until 4 August.

More information about the courses and the project:

About the BLUE ROUTE Project

The BLUEROUTE Project Preparing the new ocean economy 2030  is aligned with the main objective of the Blue Economy, targeting  a sustainable use of the oceans that reduces environmental risks and increases the quality of life (QoL) of coastal communities.

It is urgent to develop the capacity building of those populations with appropriate marine biodiversity management tools to achieve blue growth, ensure sustainability of fisheries and conservation of threatened species, and adaptation to global changes.

BLUE ROUTE is an inter-disciplinary initiative in marine science to promote networking, high-level thinking and critical 21st century skills in Doctorate professionals. To boost the Blue Economy, we rely on a hybrid (virtual, simulated, and hands-on) pedagogical design and experienced scholars to support a global network of learners.

The pedagogical approach favors student-active learning in a flipped classroom and stresses the value of face-to-face communication. Dealing with the global challenges brought about by the pandemic and climate change requires an unprecedented undertaking to advance and rebuild an equitable and sustainable ocean economy. 

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