UAlg hosts National Organic Chemistry Meeting and National Medicinal Chemistry Meeting

From 22 to 24 January, the University of the Algarve is hosting the 15th National Organic Chemistry Meeting (15ENQO) and the 8th National Medicinal Chemistry Meeting (8ENQT), organised by the Divisions of Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry&Chemical Biology of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the UAlg.

Traditionally, the 15ENQO & 8ENQT biennial meetings gather scientists from all domains of the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology areas. 

The comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach followed by researchers in these areas play a pivotal role in the development of chemical sciences. As such,vibrant and enlightening scientific discussions on novel developments and innovative ideas are commonly held in the 15ENQO & 8ENQT meetings, which foster new collaborations and expand the boundaries of knowledge. 

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