UAlg is certified as “Gold” Healthy Campus

The University of Algarve achieved the degree of “Gold” certification in the “Healthy Campus” program awarded by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

The Healthy Campus World Certification program involves universities from more than 30 countries and seeks to evaluate good practices that can contribute to the promotion of health and well-being on university campuses.

The survey of good practices developed by UAlg was carried out by the UAlg + Healthy Working Group, coordinated by Vice-President Saúl de Jesus. The representative for this certification is Nuno Rodrigues, professor at the Sports Office of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve.

Universities are evaluated on 100 parameters, distributed over seven areas, six of which are operational (Sport and Physical Activity; Nutrition; Disease Prevention; Mental and Social Health; Risk Behaviors; Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility) and a transversal area, related to Campus Healthy Management and Leadership.

To obtain the “Gold” degree, institutions have to comply with the requirements in more than 80 indicators.

Of the various domains under evaluation, UAlg stood out in the field of “Mental and Social Health”, having achieved an evaluation in all good practice indicators.

As an example of good practice at UAlg, FISU highlights the “Plan for the Promotion of Academic Success and Prevention of School Abandonment (PPSAPAE)”, which seeks to promote skills of study methods and time management in UAlg students, complemented by three other initiatives: "SOS Abandono", "Interculturality and Mindfulness Program" and "Competencies for Life Online Course".