Number of slots for 2022/2023: 20


Conditions of access

  • Holders of master's degree (or legal equivalent)
  • Holders of a bachelor's degree with a school and scientific curriculum specially relevant, recognized by the Scientific Council of the Faculty as meeting the objetives of the PhD degree
  • Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Council, as attesting the merit and ability to carry out this cycle of studies.​​​

Criteria for selection of the candidates

  • Adequancy of bachelors and masters
  • Final classification of bachelor and mastre, or bachelor with 5 years
  • Professional experience, related with the degree
  • Interview, when necessary

Necessary documentation

  • Curriculum Vitae (with personal data, academics and professionals)
  • Certificate of Qualifications, with the discrimination of the classifications obtained in each unit
  • Work plan signed by the candidate and the advisor
  • Proof of payment of the application rate

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