This degree aims to train professionals providing a solid base in Marine Biology with a strong component of practical training, addressing the study of structure and function of marine organisms; the procedures of operation and exploitation of marine ecosystems; the production and management of marine resources.

In Marine Biology degree, the students can learn about various topics of fundamental areas of Marine Biology, marine biotechnology, rational exploitation of marine resources and ecosystems, aquaculture and fisheries. 

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Specialized technicians in natural parks, marine reserves, aquariums, oceanographic parks, zoos and fishing and aquaculture companies
  • Advisors/ consultants of companies in the area of marine environment
  • Research assistants integrated in I&D teams in companies, institutes, investigation centers and state labs
  • Entrepreneurs in technical innovation areas, natural products and ecotourism
  • Senior technician in services of local and central administration
  • Formers in marine biology area integrated in environmental education teams

"The University of Algarve changed my life. It was not just the almost idyllic location, the environmental surroundings, the modern facilities, the scientific strength and youthfulness of the teaching team, the excellent curricular plan, the audacity to be different and do differently - it was the philosophy of a university that although young, very quickly made a name for itself as unique, innovative and integrative. Thank you very much, UAlg!"

Élio Vicente

Marine Biology