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For us, the alumni are lifelong members of the academic community because this is their university forever.

Who are we?

Alumni is a Latin word for disciples, students. In Portugal, the term is commonly used to refer to former students of higher education.

For the University of Algarve, the Alumni are lifelong members of the academic community. Thus, we assume a natural relationship of affinity and sharing with all those who once constituted the student community. The academy appreciates the role played by everyone in the institution’s development.

And, since the relationship could not exist without communication, the Alumni UAlg page is one of the main means of publicising the activities, events and initiatives that we promote, as well as a set of products aimed at our alumni, namely the Alumni UAlg card, which has many benefits. In terms of job opportunities, an array of useful information is available aiming the jobseekers and those who are preparing to enter the labor market.

But far beyond the practical aspects, this is a privileged meeting place between the university and its alumni in a perament state of mutual help and close relationship, as this is your university, forever!

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The UAlg Employment Portal by Jobteaser is an online platform that allows the UAlg academic community, students and alumni, to find exclusive job and internship opportunities.

The Portal also to obtain useful information on the labor market and employability, consult the profile of companies, learn about events promoted by companies or by UAlg and learn about experiences shared by other colleagues or share its own experience.

To accomplish that, they just have to register through the following link, using the UAlg domain email.


The alumni who no longer have access to the UAlg domain, can request it through the email:

After registering on the platform, will be able to publish their job offers and internship opportunities, which enables them to initiate contact with the jobseakers.

We are here to help

A concern of ours is giving support to our students in preparing the search for their first job, aiming, this way their easy integration into the labor market. Here we present a set of information that could be very useful

The time has come to make yourself known to the world of work. For that, it is essential to equip yourself with a set of tools that will help you to be successful. There are many places where you can collect information. We present some, click on the links to access the information:

Cartão Alumni UAlg

How to get the Alumni UAlg card?

To obtain the UAlg alumni card, you must complete the following form here. After submission your card will be sent by email.

What benefits do I have?

Registered alumni and upon presentation of the UAlg Alumni Card can get a set of benefits, namely those resulting from commercial agreements.

Please check the commercial agreements available at UAlgnet, selecting the "Benefits and Protocols" category (after authentication).


Regulamento Prémio Alumni
Relatório sobre a Empregabilidade dos diplomados da Universidade do Algarve- 2017/2018
Relatório sobre a Empregabilidade dos diplomados da Universidade do Algarve- 2016/2017
Relatório sobre a Empregabilidade dos diplomados da Universidade do Algarve- 2015/2016
Relatório sobre a Empregabilidade dos diplomados da Universidade do Algarve- 2014/2015
Relatório sobre a Empregabilidade dos diplomados da Universidade do Algarve- 2013/2014
Livro: Preparados para Trabalhar?
Conceção e Operacionalização de um dispositivo de monotorização da trajetória académica (...)


"My training at UAlg together with all the academic and associative structures that surround it, allowed me to develop positively at a professional level as a pharmacist but also at a personal level as a citizen and human being."

Ruben Viegas

Pharmaceutical Sciences

"The University of Algarve changed my life. It was not just the almost idyllic location, the environmental surroundings, the modern facilities, the scientific strength and youthfulness of the teaching team, the excellent curricular plan, the audacity to be different and do differently - it was the philosophy of a university that although young, very quickly made a name for itself as unique, innovative and integrative. Thank you very much, UAlg!"

Élio Vicente

Marine Biology

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