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Access information through B-On, databases, the UAlg repository and recommended links, such as: libraries, catalogs, dictionaries, encyclopedias and glossaries, newspapers, thematic links, maps, standards, patents, statistics, legislation, free access and rcaap.

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  • B-On
    The University of Algarve  participates in the Portuguese consortium Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online (b-on), which enables the search and access to 32,000 journals (of which 22,000 full -text) and over 26,000 ebooks from all fields of knowledge and from several leading international scientific publishers.

    Access from UAlg's IP. Access from the exterior through VPN

Access from UAlg's IP. Access from the exterior through VPN or by federated authentication

  • Academic Search Complete​​​
    Multidisciplinary database with full access to over 8,700 journals and over 17,500 indexed journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Business Source Complete 
    Management area database with access to over 6,700 journals (3,700 of those full text) and over 900 ebooks.
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text
    Full text access from over than 770 journals in the areas of health and nursing.
  • ERIC - Education Resource Information Center
    Data base that contains over than 1.3 million records and links to over than 320,000 documents.
  • IEEEXplore - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    IEEE search and database system which grants access to more than  240 journals and over 26,000 conferences of engineering and computing specialities.
  • MathSciNet 
    Mathematics data base. Its search system allowing access to over 3 million articles and books with links to almost 2 million articles  in more than 1,800 journals.
  • MedicLatina 
    Access to over than 130 Spanish journals with full text in the medicine field.
  • MEDLINE with Full Text 
    Medicine area with access to over than 1,470 indexed journals.
    Premier source for evidence-based infomation designed specifically for nurses, where one can get answers to questions quickly and read full text journal articles anytime.
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection 
    Area of psychology, behavioral sciences and anthropology, with full text access to over than 400 journals.
  • PsycINFO
    APA's Database (American Psychology Association) covers several areas of psychology and related subjects (applied psychology, developmental psychology, business psychology, clinical and educational psychology, statistics, etc.)
  • Qualfood
    Portuguese database of food quality and safety, that aims to organize, systematize and update all relevant information to those involved in the food area.

    In the login area choose: Acesso Bibliotecas
  • Scopus
    Combines a comprehensive, expertly curated abstract and citation database, with enriched data and linked scholarly literature across a wide variety of disciplines (
  • SPORTDiscus with Full Text 
    Over than 550 journals with full text access in the areas of sports and medicine.
  • Uptodate 
    Original clinical content authored by leading physicians synthesized into graded, evidence-based recommendations, Medical calculators, patient education materials, search in multiple languages, shortcuts to the newest information.

    Uptodate contains all of the internal medicine subspecialities (at a level that meets the needs of the subspecialist), all of primary care, internal medicine, ob/gyn, pediatrics, general surgery, etc.
  • Web of Science (From 1898-present)
    Highly regarded multidisciplinary database of articles, conferences, symposia, etc. Allows you to access as well to the Journal Citation Report (JCR). The Web of Science platform grants access to a variety of world-class research literature, linked to more than 33,000 scientific journals

    This platform links the Web of Science Core Collection to regional citation indexes, patent data, subject indexes and of search databases through metadata and citation connections and reveals links between past and current searches.
  • ZentralBlatt MATH  ​
    Is the world's most comprehensive and longest-running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied Mathematics. It is edited by the European Mathematical Society (EMS),  the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities e FIZ Karlsruhe (Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure).

    The zbMATH database contains about 4 million bibliographic entries with reviews or abstracts currently drawn from about 3,000 journals and book series, and 180,000 books. The coverage starts in the 18th century and is complete from 1868 to the present by the integration of the "Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik" database.

Open Access Databases

  • Cochrane Library: Medical Sciences: scientific journals and answers on clinical cases
  • Searches more than 50 databases and more than 2,100 websites, offering 200 million pages of official US government information, including research and development results
  • SCOAP3: Open Access resource in the area of physics, which allows access to a vast number of scientific articles
  • access to content in the areas of physics, mathematics, informatics, biology, finance and statistics
  • international library and information science content archive
  • ERIH PLUS: research of European journals of human and social sciences of the European Science Foundation
  • JSTOR: directory of journals, documents and books. Access by individual registration
  • Latindex: search for scientific journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
  • RePEc: academic collection, freely accessible, from the area of economics and related disciplines
  • SSRN: bibliography in the area of social and economic sciences; also makes available “gray literature” or not yet published
  • TechXtra: search of articles, web sites, books, theses and dissertations patents and standards in the areas of engineering, mathematics and informatics; job ads

Access from UAlg's IP. Access from the exterior through VPN

  • American Chemical Society
    Access to 35 titles of this publisher
  • American Institute of Physics
    Open access to 12 titles of this publisher
  • Annual Reviews
    Open access to 51 titles of this publisher
  • Association for Computing Machinery
    Access to over 1,000 titles (journals, proceedings, etc.), having over one million entries
  • Coimbra University Press
  • Elsevier
    Full access to over than  2,300 journals by this publisher through the ScienceDirect engine
  • EMERALD insight Emeral Publishing Group search system
    The University of of Algarve has access to over 150 journals, from the collections "Accounting, Finance & Economics"(40); "Business, Management & Strategy" (55); "HR, Learning & Organization Studies" (26); "Marketing" (23), "Tourism & Hospitality" (8). ​

    For full-text results, in the search mode please select the option “show only content I have access to
  • Institute of Physics
    Access to 50 titles from this publisher
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    This publisher grants access to36 current titles (and 78 on file)
  • SAGE
    Access to 2 collections from the SAGE publisher: Management & Organization Studies (105 journals) and Pharmacology & Biomedical collection (90 journals)
  • SIAM  - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Access to 16 titles from this publisher
  • Springerlink
    Access to over than 1,700 journals and more than 26,000 ebooks from Springer publisher
  • Taylor & Francis
    Access to more than 2,000 titles from this publisher
  • Wiley
    Access to over than1,300 titles from this publisher
  • European Journal of Language Policy
    Access to the full text of the journal in volumes 8 (1 and 2) and 9 (1) of the European Journal of Language Policy, published by Liverpool University Press. Also available, on the publisher's page, some separate numbers of different titles.

Open Access Journal

  • Bioline International: electronic publishing service for academic journals, open access, in the areas of health, environment and biodiversity; developing country journals
  • Biomed Central: publisher with free access in the areas of health, biology, psychology, zoology and biotechnology
  • Directory of Open Access Journals: directory of international academic and scientific journals under open access, with a peer review system and scientific quality criteria; integrated research at b-on
  • Public Library of Sciences: directory of scientific journals with peer review under open access in the areas of biology, medicine, computational biology, genetics, etc.
  • access to journals and books in the area of social sciences
  • SciELO Scientific Electronic Library Online: electronic scientific library, provides access to full text articles from more than 150 scientific journals in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.
  • SciELO Portugal Scientific Electronic Library Online: small collection of active and inactive Portuguese journals, integrated in the b-on research

Access from UAlg's IP. Access from the exterior through VPN


Open Access Electronic Books

    Online publisher of literature; provides free access to the full text of works in the areas of Culture, Economics, History, Literature and Psychology.
  • Centro de Investigação Jurídico Económica 
    Open access publications in several areas of investigation: Fiscal, Labour and Environment.
  • DOAB 
    Provides a searchable index of peer-reviewed monographs and edited volumes published under an Open Access model, with links to the full texts of the publications on the publisher's website or repository
  • InTech 
    Publisher of open multidisciplinary access to books and magazines covering the fields of science, technology and medicine. Since 2004, they have published more than 850 books with the aim of providing free online access
  • MET 
    Collection of books for free download  available on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, New York, U.S.A.
  • Open Book Publishers 
    Provides free access to books and academic books in the field of humanities and social sciences.
  • Open Edition Books 
    Web platform for books in the humanities and social sciences areas. There are 2600 books and 33 publishers, mostly in open access.

Digital Libraries and e Catalogues

Libraries by Country









United States






New Zealand


United Kingdom

Czech Republic

  • State Library - 1.2 million volumes of monographs and journals from all areas and activities



National and Themed Collective Catalogues

Catalogues of University Libraries in Portugal

Foreign Library Catalogues 

  • Spanish Public Libraries Catalogues: allow access to 53 public libraries in the state and 17 public libraries of autonomous communities of the Spanish government.
  • CISNE: Library of the University of Madrid
  • COPACCollective Catalogue of University Libraries in Great Britain and Ireland
  • National Library of Medicine (USA): Catalogue that includes more than 7 million books, magazines, technical reports, manuscripts, microfilms, photographs and images on medicine and related sciences
  • REBIUNSpanish University Libraries
  • The British LibraryUnited Kingdom National Library
  • The European Library: Portal that gives access to resources from European national and research libraries
  • The Library of CongressLibrary of Congress of the United States of America
  • WorldCat: the world's largest library catalogue

European Information Catalogues

  • ECLASEuropean Commission library catalogue
  • InfoeuropaEuropean Information Library in Portuguese (several catalogues). Jacques Delors European Documentation Centre



Open Access Scientific Repositories of Portugal

  • Biblioteca Digital de Teses e Dissertações
    Theses and dissertations of the University of São Paulo.
  • Catálogo de Tesis Doctorales 
    Thesis catalog of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Cogprints
    International electronic archive of publications in the areas of Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, related to Cognitive Sciences.
  • DIVA 
    Academic Archive Online (Scandinavian theses).
  • Documat
    Thematic portal of mathematical documents.
  • HAL
    Open archive of theses and academic articles
  • OATD 
    Theses and dissertations published worldwide, in free access and full text
  • TDR
    Tesis Doctorales en Red
  • TEL

Free Access and Thematic Links



Architecture and Landscape Architecture






Herbarium of the Tropical Botanical Garden of IICT - Institute for Tropical Scientific Research





Publishers and Books

  • APEL - Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers






Business Administration


Languages / Linguistics







International Politics


European Union

Language Dictionaries

Portuguese Language Dictionaries

  • Portuguese language portal: organised repository of linguistic resources
  • Ciberdúvidas: website run by the Portuguese Language Society that responds to questions Portuguese
  • Flip : orthographic and syntactic corrector for Portuguese: online version and computer installation version, with Word
  • Infopédia: service provided by Porto Editora
  • Lynx: converter for the new spelling. It is a tool to support the implementation of AO that converts the content of text files to the new spelling

Dictionaries of Other Languages

German Language Dictionaries

Spanish Language Dictionaries

Italian Language Dictionaries

Greek Language Dictionaries

English Language Dictionaries

Italian Language Dictionaries

Bilingual Dictionaries

Multilingual Dictionaries

  • IATE: the vocabulary maintained by the European Union Translation Service, with equivalent terms in all official languages
  • Linguee: translation tool that combines a dictionary with a translation search engine capable of searching 100 million bilingual texts in search of words and expressions
  • Universal Multilingual Dictionary: online multilingual dictionary

General Encyclopaedias

Specialised Dictionaries/Glossaries

Miscellaneous Useful Reference Items (Translators, Thesaurus, etc.)

  • Atlas: historical cartography
  • Atlas of Portugal: national spatial data infrastructure that, through its geoportal, allows searching, visualising and exploring geographic information about Portuguese territory
  • David Rumsey Map Collection: historical collection of maps and cartographic material from around the world
  • European Soil Portal: European Commission website with access to geomorphological maps
  • GEOPORTAL: LNEG website (National Laboratory of Energy and Geology), with access to geomorphological maps of Portugal
  • Google maps: Google tool that provides directions, interactive maps, among others
  • Maps online: the General Directorate of the Territory (DGT) provides a set of geographic data services according to the standards of Open GeoSpatial Consortium, Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Features Service (WFS)
  • world maps including physical and political
  • Marine traffic: marine traffic map
  • detailed road maps of Europe and the World
  • Scribble Maps: tool for drawing maps
  • StreetMap: street map in England

Digital Periodicals Library of Portugal (Hemeroteca Digital de Portugal)

  • Digital Periodicals Library: website of the Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa aims to be a digital library of newspapers and magazines in the public domain, allowing online consultation and public dissemination of the universe of Portuguese periodic press.
    It offers several titles of periodicals published between the 18th and 19th centuries.

South Africa














Hong Kong














  • European Data Portal: European data portal that integrates a series of information and technology that can be used by companies and organisations to develop new services
  • DMPTool: free tool to create scientific data management plans
  • Registry of Research Data Repositories: directory of scientific, thematic and multidisciplinary data repositories with information on thematic scope, institutional affiliation, geographical scope and general characteristics of each of the approximately 1,500 registered global repositories
  • RCAAP Scientific Data Repository: scientific data repository integrated in RCAAP
  • Research Shared: Multidisciplinary repository of scientific data from projects financed by the European Union but which also receives data resulting from projects from other funders

INE (Statistics Portugal)

Portal do INE – Instituto Nacional de Estatística / Statistics Portugal

Online Digital Library of Official Statistics that provides the Digital Archive with full access to statistical information publications (published by the INE from 1864 to 2000) and in the Bibliographic Catalogue to identify all publications of statistical scope from national, foreign and international institutions available at Statistics Portugal, for consultation.


Pordata is a database on contemporary Portugal with official and certified statistics on the country and Europe, divided into a wide range of topics such as population, education and health, among others. It is available to all citizens free of charge and provides accurate and impartial information.  

Portal Eurostat

Eurostat is a portal for European statistics, under the responsibility of the European Union Statistics Office, which produces statistical data and promotes the harmonisation of statistical methods between member states.

Legislation and Standards

Electronic Diário da República

European legislation

  • Eur-Lex                                                                      
    Law Portal (access to a range of legislation)  
    Access to European Union legislation

National legislation

Top search engines

Standardisation bodies

    By country

    Standardisation bodies by sectors

    Standards Research Guide

    Top search engines

    Industrial property organisations

    Patent databases

    • Patent Databases on the Internet
      Stanford University Libraries
      Directory of patent databases accessible on the Internet
    • WIPO
      World Industrial Property Organization (WIPO-WIPO)
      This organisation collects patent information at international level, in accordance with the international patent cooperation treaty, under which all countries of the world that are members of WIPO are obliged to deposit the bibliographic reference with a summary of the patents registered in each of them.
    • USPTO Web Patent Databases
      US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
      Bibliographic and full-text database of US patents

    Reference works

    Patent information

    • Intellogist blog
      Blog that provides information about patents
      Twitter @Intellogist

    Outside UAlg's network

    Remote access through VPN (configuration instructions) or by federated authentication for each publisher. To this end the user must use the login credentials awarded by the UAlg whenever requested.

    See the federated authentication access instructions for each Publisher here