4th Fortaleza's Austral Spring School and 2nd Floripa Spring Eco-School in Sustainability


The "4th Fortaleza's Austral Spring School" and the "2nd Floripa Spring Eco-School in Sustainability" will take place from 13-15th September, 2021. This event is a resul of the partnership between the Federal Universities of Santa Catarina and Ceará (Brazil), the University of Salento (Italy) and the University of Algarve (Portugal).

Dedicated to the theme "Marine Forests: sustainability drivers and threats", the two initiatives will feature Ester Serrão and Rui Santos from the University of Algarve, who will address the following topics: "Introduction to the Marine Algal Forests of the world" and "Introduction to the Seagrass Forests of the world".

The official language of the sessions will be English.

Consult the programme here.

More information at https://www.even3.com.br/springschool2021/